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Onondaga County Democratic Committee Headquarters

615 West Genesee St. Syracuse, NY 13204 HQ Phone (315) 422.0345

If you have any questions, concerns, updates or if you’re interested in joining the Democratic Committee of Onondaga County, please contact the appropriate Town or Ward Chair. In the City of Syracuse, if you do not know what ward you reside in, contact the Board of Elections, listed below.




Town Chair Contact Email Contact Phone
Camillus Town Chair Lisa Sacco CamillusTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-254-9439  
Cicero Town Chair Theresa Jackson CiceroTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-699-2345  
Clay Town Chair Linda Hall ClayTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-657-7213  
Dewitt Town Chair Sylvia Matousek DewittTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-437-0837  
Elbridge Town Chair Diane Dwire(Acting) dmd07@aol.com
Fabius Town Chair Marky Dormer FabiusTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-683-5209
Geddes Town Chair David Magnarelli GeddesTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-488-7196  
Lafayette Town Chair Bruce Donohue LafayetteTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-677-3766  
Lysander Town Chair Tina Winkler LysanderTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-427-6245  
Manlius Town Chair Nancy Durkin ManliusTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-637-6239  
Marcellus Town Chair Nancy Bunn MarcellusTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-673-7116  
Onondaga Town Chair Jack Cook OnondagaTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-492-4465  
Otisco Town Chair Toby Shelley OtiscoTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-427-6961  
Pompey Town Chair Victoria Lightcap PompeyTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-345-2290  
Salina Town Chair Carrie Roseamelia SalinaTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-440-3606  
Skaneateles Town Chair Gail Vanderlinde SkaneatelesTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-685-5061  
Spafford Town Chair John Hinchcliff SpaffordTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 607-229-3333  
Tully Town Chair Joseph Puccia TullyTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-439-2067  
Van Buren Town Chair Diane Dwire (Acting) VanBurenTownChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-638-4148  


Ward Chair Contact Email Contact Phone
1st Ward Chair Gary Morris Sr. 1stWardChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-399-5183  
2nd Ward Chair David Silvernail 2ndWardChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-399-3803  
3rd Ward Chair Kathy Spoto 3rdWardChair@ocdemocrats.com  
4th Ward Chair Karen Magnarelli 4thWardChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-479-7714  
5th Ward Chair Peggy Chase 5thWardChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-437-2035  
6th Ward Chair Dan Aqualino 6thWardChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-474-1886  
7th Ward Chair Debbie Ramsey-Burns 7thWardChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-263-8274  
8th Ward Chair Robert O’Neil 8thWardChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-480-0842  
9th Ward Chair John John Williams 9thWardChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-428-9852  
10th Ward Chair Tim Jennings 10thWardChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-472-0351  
11th Ward Chair Jim Gaffey 11thWardChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-245-4159  
12th Ward Chair Ann Jamison 12thWardChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-727-0193  
13th Ward Chair Richard Lasda 13thWardChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-412-1211  
14th Ward Chair Tim Carroll 14thWardChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-530-5780  
15th Ward Chair Tracy Kerr 15thWardChair@ocdemocrats.com  
16th Ward Chair Patricia Body 16thWardChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-472-7642  
17th Ward Chair David Kirby 17thWardChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-446-3824  
18th Ward Chair 18thWardChair@ocdemocrats.com  
19th Ward Chair Ruth Kutz 19thWardChair@ocdemocrats.com 315-475-5433  


Board of Elections

1000 Erie Blvd West  Syracuse, NY 13204Voice: (315) 435-VOTE or (315) 435-3312Fax: (315) 435-8451

Commissioner: Dustin Czarny (D)

City School District

725 Harrison Street Syracuse NY 13210 315-435-4499 www.syracusecityschools.com

Other Political Contact Information

  • Onondaga County Young Democrats-  Brianne Murphy, Pres. youngdems@ocdemocrats.com
  • Republican Party- Thomas V Dadey Jr. – Chair- 315-471-2020
  • Conservative Party- Austin Olmstead- Chair- 315-696-8417
  • Independent Party- Maleta Snell-CNY contact 315-382-6124
  • Working Families Party- Rick Oppendisano- CNY contact 315-382-6124
  • Green Party- Howie Hawkins- CNY contact 315-474-7055

Onondaga County Democratic Committee

615 West Genesee Street

Syracuse, NY 13204

Phone: (315) 422-0345